Vai esat kādreiz rezervējis brīvdienas tiešsaistē? Tad ir lielas izredzes, ka jums ir…

Vai esat kādreiz rezervējis savas brīvdienas tiešsaistē?

Then chances are high that you have encountered offers which come across much more attractive than they ultimately prove to be, with a lot of frustration as a result. A screening of the European Commission and the EU consumer protection authorities has even shown that two thirds of the booking websites for holidays are unreliable. The displayed price is often not equal to the final price, promotional offers may not be available in reality, the total price is often unclear or the websites are unclear about the actual room offerings. Tāpēc ES iestādes ir lūgušas attiecīgajām tīmekļa vietnēm rīkoties saskaņā ar piemērojamajiem noteikumiem.